Backcountry Cooking Tips


Backcountry cooking can be tough. No one likes eating the same dehydrated, bland, meal day after day after day. Luckily, you don’t have to. With a few tips and tricks, you can be eating just as well in the backcountry as you do in your own home.

Start Well – Send-Off Meals

Somewhat of a tradition in the outdoors space, send-off meals are meals that people bring for their first night on the trail. They tend to be fairly elaborate – Steak and potatoes are common, kebobs, fish fries, and other high protein meals are also favorite.

Those of you who follow Backcountry Junkie of social media will know that we like to simplify things a bit with our #Backcountryburritos. Essentially, we stop at one of the many fast casual mexican restaurants before our trips and pick up a burrito to take with us for our send-off meal. It’s easier than cooking, is very filling, is transportable, and creates no mess.

Whatever you end up choosing, the key is to choose a meal that’s somewhat rewarding. It’s your first night on the trail and chances are that you’re going to be roughing it for the next few days, so make this one last meal count as a way to encourage you and get the spirits high.

Variability is Key

Far too often people will hit the trail for an extended period of time without taking variety into consideration.

Simple Luxuries

Use What You’ve Got

Don’t Forget The Sweets

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