Backcountry Review: Aeropress Coffee Maker


If you haven’t heard of the Aeropress Coffee Maker you are definitely missing out. In our opinion, this is one of the best outdoor coffee makers on the market today.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors you have surely experienced a morning or two that consisted of some sort of oatmeal and instant coffee. Now don’t get me wrong, camping and the outdoors is great, but instant coffee is terrible. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you feel like you’re getting an ulcer as you drink it.

Unfortunately, instant coffee was really one of the only options for a long time. That is, until now.

Enter the Aeropress Outdoor Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker combines everything you need to make a fantastic cup of coffee (with the exception of grounds), is completely self contained, and is incredibly easy to clean. It even comes with a built in cup that doubles as a storage device!

I cannot say this enough, the coffee this thing makes is incredibly. I enjoy it so much that I use it everyday at home – even when I’m not on the trail.

Making a cup of coffee with the Aeropress is pretty easy as well. You simply add one of the paper filters to the plastic screen on the bottom of the plunger, add a scoop of coffee, and pour hot or cold water over depending on the brew you are going for.

Once the water has been poured over you are supposed to stir the mixture with the stirrer and then use the plunger to push the newly made coffee through the filter.

What I tend to do is to let the first pour over drip through the filter on it’s own then add more water to the top – I tend to like stronger coffee though, so this may not be ideal for you.


As we all know, nothing is perfect though. The Aeropress does have a few minor setbacks, but in our opinion they are not deal breakers. When it comes to longer trips on the trail, this coffee maker might be a bit heavy given that it contains so many small pieces for a total weight of roughly 9.4 ounces.

Another drawback is the number of pieces this kit contains. While small and compact, this kit still contains 9 individual things that you need to keep track of.


The Aeropress outdoor coffee maker is fantastic. This little thing makes coffee shop quality coffee and is likely to become a daily user. Sure it’s a little bit heavy and contains a few too many pieces, but who cares. If the weight is a big enough deal you can get rid of everything except the coffee plunger and still have killer coffee.

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