Rifle Barrel Explodes After Hunter Fires


A guide out in the upper North West by the name of Wyatt Morris recently had one of the wildest experiences you can ever image after the rifle barrel on one of his clients weapons exploded.

Here’s the story:

Wyatt and a client were putting the stalk on a herd of elk and were able to get into pretty close shooting range. Being only 100 yards or so out, it should have been easy work for the clients Savage 30-06, but when he pulled the trigger the gun flew out of his hands and the barrel on the rife literally exploded.

When they went to pick the gun up – which was now laying about 5 feet away from where they had taken the shot, the rifle barrel had mushroomed out like something you see in an old Looney Toons cartoon.

It doesn’t appear that the gun had any tape, or other protective coverings over the end of the barrel, so it is likely that some sort of snow or dirt is the culprit here, but no one involved knows for sure. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident and the only thing that was broken was the gun, and perhaps the clients ego.

Photos credit to Wyatt Morris (Instagram: @Wyatt_Morris21)

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